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Council of Four: Online Multiplayer Board Game in Java 🎲

Software Development University
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Council of Four (translated from the Italian version Il Consiglio dei 4) is a strategy board game published by Cranio Creations. This online multiplayer video game was developed as the final project for the Software Engineering course at Politecnico di Milano. Students were divided into groups (including myself) to create the game, inspired by the aforementioned board game. It also served as my Bachelor’s Degree final project.


  • Play modes: CLI or GUI
  • Connectivity types to the server engine: Socket, RMI
  • Configurable game map via built-in map editor
  • In-game chat

Tech stack

  • Java 8 SE
  • GUI: JavaFX, SceneBuilder

Gallery #

Source code

The repository with source code is currently private.