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M.Sc. Thesis Project: The Role of Divisive Topics in Network Structure
Data Science Big Data University
The Role of Divisive Topics in Network Structure, is a large-scale analysis of controversial online conversations with socio-political backgrounds and contexts on Twitter.
AI-powered Sokoban puzzle solver
Artificial Intelligence Software Development University
In the Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems course (Technical University of Denmark, AY 2017/18), our team project involved creating a Sokoban puzzle solver in Java.
Data Analysis and Visualization of NYC 311 Service Requests
Big Data Data Analysis University
Applying Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Visualization on a large dataset using Python and Javascript D3 library.
Balance Assessment with Microsoft’s Kinect V2 and Unity Game Engine
Software Development Game Development University
This project explored the potential of combining the Unity Game Engine with Microsoft Kinect V2 to create a rehabilitation tool prototype named Hell of Balance.
Phrasebook: A gamified approach to memorizing phrases in a foreign language
Mobile Development University
Phrasebook (recently re-branded into My Vocabulary Booster) is a mobile application for Android devices to help people memorize foreign language vocabulary.
The Bike Trip Project Android App 📱
Mobile Development University
Combining a passion for cycling with an elective course on data analysis and visualization offered by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in the summer of 2017, my dear friend and former university mate Angelos has founded the Bike Trip Project.
Big Data Tools on Amazon Product Reviews Dataset
Big Data University
In my final project for the Computational Tools for Big Data course course (Technical University of Denmark, AY 2016/17), I utilized Apache Spark, Neo4j, Pandas DataFrames, and SQL to perform extensive data mining on the massive Amazon Product Reviews Dataset.
Network Analysis and Natural Language Processing on LOTR universe
Data Science University
Analyzing the social networks obtained from The Lord of the Rings universe to study patterns and behaviors when it comes to network theory and Natural Language Processing.
Council of Four: Online Multiplayer Board Game in Java 🎲
Software Development University
Council of Four (translated from the Italian version Il Consiglio dei 4) is a strategy board game published by Cranio Creations.
Prototyping a new state of the art TIM Website
Web Development University
Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, and MySQL, this project involved designing and developing a highly dynamic and responsive version of the official TIM website.